When you are sick, you visit a doctor. When you need medicines, you go to a pharmacy. When you need support and strength you must think ‘Canserve’.

At the Canserve charitable society office in Kochi, a group of women (cancer survivors ) get together over a cup of tea. In their middle ages, none of them seem to age under the burden of a stressful life. They chat, play pranks, pull each others’ legs and hug with a lot of love. Half an hour chit-chat with them boosts ones energy levels and enthusiasm. 

Gratitude to Canserve, these ordinary women have evolved into extraordinary people. Once they were doomed to be the  lonely, depressive cancer patients without any bright hopes for their future. But these brave women chose to differ. They stood tall during the testing times and reincarnated as ‘happy survivors of hopeless cancer’. Today they gleam under the radiance of the bracing sun.

During their difficult phase it was a group of doctors who supported them as pillars of undying hope. Not just that, they brought these strong women under one roof, for a greater cause , Canserve – to help patients fight cancer effecitvely with continous support. 

Having gone through the trauma of this ‘life – threatening’ disease themselves, it was easier for them to embrace the idea and work towards promoting cancer awareness amongst the crowd.

It goes without saying that Canserve is second home to the survivors and its volunteers. It is a happy space to share thoughts about the disease and strengthen ones outlook towards the tough challenges which lies ahead. 

Any patient is welcome without producing his/her family background or religious inclinations. At Canserve they work selflessly to serve humanity. With kind words, sound suggestions and possible financial aid, the patients are comforted in every positive way. If you happen to be in the midst of these members for a while, you will find it difficult to leave them behind. Their inspiring words  grow on you like ever lasting quotes. 

Why not Canserve is the question then. It is a marvellous opportunity for you to do your bit for the society. If Canserve is your choice, there is a definite gurantee that the cancer patients will not fight cancer alone.

Together we can contribute to cancer- care. Awareness campaigns, hair donations, patient rehabilitation, platelet requirements, prosthetic needs are the basic demands Canserve deals with on a daily basis. Sometimes patients need a little more than what we can provide them, that’s when we look out for financial assistance to help the patients complete their course of treatment. 

It has been a journey of enlightenment for them, says the Canserve members. Selfless service is the key and the result is contentment. Lets begin. 


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