Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why K.S.Chitra, the nightingale of the south took part in a charity event organised by Canserve . ‘The Canserve Symphony’ -an evening of music and melody dedicated to cancer patients and doctors who deserved a break from the routine.

K S Chitra’s presence in the podium and her melodious voice took the night to a higher pitch of glory. Truly, an honour for Canserve when she agreed to be the ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ of our charity organisation devoted to the cancer patients in need.

Coming back to Music therapy, it is a key therapeutic tool used along with medical treatments in various well known cancer centres all over the world. The boundless impact of music on the emotional well being of cancer patients undergoing treatment is highly satisfactory.

However there is no evidence to prove that cancer – cure is possible with music and its components. Yet researchers have noticed how holding on to various sounds in music can aid a patients’ speedy recovery. 

Take the case of Kala Joymon,  President of Canserve charitable society. While she was undergoing treatment, Kala Joymon would religiously listen to her favourite songs throughout the day. She speaks of songs like Rajahamsame…and  Sagarangale…( Malayalam language ) as ‘life savers’ which added fuel to her extremely tired body. “These songs and many more of them distracted me from pains and aches, soothed me while I was depressed and held me together during my mood swings”. Her story is a perfect example of how one can cope with stress more effectively during the unpleasant treatment days. 

The hospitals encouraging Music therapy adhere to specific plans. 

They usually
1. Make patients listen to music
2. Encourage them to sing along
3. Write lyrics
4.  Appoint music teachers

It is a much desired channel to vent out anxiety and stress. Various sickness related symptoms, side effects during treatment and emotional distress have been naturalised with efficient music therapy. In today’s world we cannot easily boast about the extent of its positive influence. But, we can help patients by creating an awareness about this particular form of therapy and guide them to try it out during their course of treatment. 

At Canserve, there is an urgency to experiment with such therapies as we are in a hurry to save as many lives as we can.

With the musical.concert titled ‘The Canserve Symphony’ , our efforts were to bring people closer to music and who else but the nightingale of south India K S Chitra- to unveil our aspirations in reaching more cancer patients with useful therapeutic methods. 

It was one evening of musical extravaganza and artists like Roopa Revathi, Naushad and the entire orchestra team behind K S Chitra set the stage for a memorable event. And so it did take us to rhythms and beats which added melancholy to our passionate heart beats. If music cannot heal, it will still take us through the right path of healing. And yes, it matters in this populous world surrounded by Cancer. 


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