Certainly, we can treat it like a new medicine on the block. It disturbs the sedentary lifestyles of people and pushes them to move their body. And it goes without saying, there is a wave of wanting to be ‘health conscious’ in this fast paced journey towards innumerable complex illnesses.   

When Canserve started with their awareness campaigns, none of us primarily took to involving good habits and exercise tips into our programs. It was mainly based on healthy foods for cancer – prevention and good after care for speedy recovery. But it didnt take Canserve too much time to get the grip, as we summed up that a lot of people who came for treatment were not inclined to any work out regime. what lacked is what showed on many patients.

We took it up from there and decided to associate ourselves with events in the line of Pinkathon, a  movement carried forward by women who share the belief of a healthy family being a happy one. 

Our first attempt was the  ‘Run Kerala Run’ event organised by the government. It was our first step towards promoting ‘exercise’ as a valiant tool against the rise of Cancer. From there Canserve has been a soulful member in such life changing activities.


Walk with Canserve (6-08-2015,Kochi)

Media called the Walkathon organised by The Canserve Charitable Society as a seed of Change. A lot of people gathered in the Durbar hall grounds to participate in one of the first ever walkathons planned by a ‘cancer support group’.  Actress Sai Pallavi of the ‘Premam’ fame and Indian cricketer Sreesanth joined us to encourage the ‘enthusiastic crowd’. With doctors, patients and people from all streams of life participating, ‘Walk with Canserve’ turned out to be a very popular event of the year. Not only did people enjoy the morning walk, they also took a pledge to try and walk in the mornings to come.


IDBI Federal Insurance Spice Coast Marathon, 2016

People let their spirits free during the prestigious Spice Coast marathon which took place in Kochi. Canserve joined the unforgettable running experience which brought together men and women from all over the country. It was our bravest attempt to bring out people from their comfort zone to take part in the marathon. Pledging solidarity to the cause of a ‘healthy family’, some members completed the half marathon where as the rest finished the family race with a lot of enthusiasm. That Sunday was crucial for us as it stood as the stepping stone for many beginners who later went on to pick up walking or running as an essential activity of their day.

idbi marathon 2
The Runners and their medals

World Cancer day 2016, Walkathon  

Along with the department of Oncology, Amritha hospital Canserve organised  a walkathon on account of World Cancer day. Various hospital authorities, members of Canserve and the people of Kochi participated in the Walkathon marking its significance on a day that focuses on the problems and needs of cancer patients. The Walkathon was followed by various cancer awareness programs at the Amritha hospital.


The Canserve charitable society prefers to involve itself in many such outdooor activities if it helps each of us to keep our general health under check. We do not intend to restrict ourselves as a support team. Instead, we aspire to be useful in every possible way so that we can fight Cancer from all ends and put a stop to it. If Walkathons are one of the solutions to leave behind Cancer, we are up for it and will organise many more of such events. Till then, it is the medals we hold on to, the medals you gave us in the form of participation and made our Walkathons one of the most successful events in Kochi city.








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